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The Simulacrum Company is a fictional artwork supply company which is the basis for a planned art project. This company would function on the surface as an art gallery. Unlike a typical art gallery, though, the artwork offered at The Simulacrum Company would not be meant to speak to the purchaser on an emotional, intellectual, spiritual or personal level. Instead, the artwork sold by The Simulacrum Company is meant to completely monetize and objectify the art as objects to convey a certain class, level of personal achievement, or specific social confine of the purchaser, to other observers of the art (e.g. the purchaser’s guests) within the home or office of the purchaser.

The impression that has been created by this logo is one that is cold, exact, and literally empty. The company uses big data and scientific research to make suggestions to clients about which specific piece of art to buy. The purpose of the art is for the client to give a clear-cut impression about who they are, with the audience of this impression being a specific demographic. Clients will also be given various “meanings” behind the piece of art that can be matched with their guests to impress different social classes. Essentially the artwork is empty and meaningless, until a symbolically relevant meaning is assigned to it.

The colours in the logo were chosen for their “everyman” pleasantness. Blue is the most popular colour in North America; most people find it acceptable or likeable but nondescript, and easy to project ideas and symbolism onto.

The logo and the font chosen to accompany it is meant to look modern, professional, and business-like. It says – “This isn’t a snobbish art gallery, it’s a serious business. We will tell you how to talk like you visit fancy art galleries, and we will sell you art that will make you look like the person you want to be but most definitely are not.”

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